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Cool like this easy lime and mint mocktail

lime and mint cooler copy

I first had this refreshing drink at a friend’s house a couple of years ago. She served a delicious lime and mint cooler, that was so tasty that I asked her for the recipe. I was surprised at how simple it was, but did not have the opportunity to try it until recently. I am not sure the drink I ended up making followed the exact same steps Smitha’s did,… 

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Plantain and ground beef fritters

plantain fritters copy

A few dishes associate plantains with some sort of protein, either on the side or on top of it, but none of these dishes are very portable. I was looking for a plantain dish that would have that portability which is how the idea for these fritters came about and yes, I can definitely picture them on an appetizer tray. … 

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Sweet banana and spice muffin

banana muffins copy

Bananas are so ubiquitous everywhere that it is hard to imagine that they are actually native to the tropics and that just like pineapple and mangoes grow best in warm climates. I have given a lot of attention to plantains and unintentionally neglected their smaller cousins…. 

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