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Mango spice cake to enjoy in warm weather!

Mango cake_final

I do not like cakes with fruits in them, something about the texture simply bothers me. I do love cakes with a fruity flavor, or with fruits on the top, like this pineapple cake or this mango spice cake recipe in which the mango is pureed before being incorporated in the batter. … 

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Plantain loaf: Another plantain recipe done! Challenge is on!

Plantain and rice cake_2_final

This one only semi-successfully. I don’t know if it’s because I had done the apiti, steamed plantain cakes, the same night, but there was something off with my plantain loaf. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It seemed like it would be a good base for a coulis or some kind of breakfast sauce. … 

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Steamed plantain cakes and ssssh surprise!

Steamed plantains_final

I think I am going to do a plantain challenge this year, at least two new plantain dishes each month. Who is with me? Reply in the comments.

This steamed plantain cakes recipe would definitely count. I did not  like apiti growing up, but as often happens when music, foods, people become inaccessible, I developed some sort of romantic craving for something I never used to eat!… 

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