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Mangu builds bridges

mangu copy

When I first heard about mangu, it immediately reminded me of fufu,  foutou, mofongo, kuku, or other similar mashed plantains dishes ubiquitous in West Africa and the Caribbean. The link was obvious to me,… 

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Tomato sauce, or the Ivorian ketchup

sauce tomate_logo_v2

Gourmets or foodies sometimes make fun of the American palate claiming that Americans put ketchup on everything. Well, the ubiquitous tomato sauce could be described similarly when it comes to Ivorian food. Whenever a dish is somewhat dry, that is, is neither a soup or a stew or anything along those lines,… 

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Pastel Borracho, or how to have rum as dessert

 Colombian rum cake_final_logo_v2
Name: Pastel Borracho (drunken cake)
Eaten in: Colombia
Category: Modern

If you ever have some extra rum in your kitchen, and you’d rather use it in a way that won’t have you do anything you regret… 

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