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Yummy Yam Croquettes


I often think of yams as potatoes’ tropical cousin. What I mean is that everything that can be done with or to potatoes can also be done with or to yams. This is how these yam croquettes came to be: by adapting a recipe for potato croquettes. Because yams have a firmer texture than potatoes, I find these croquettes heartier than their potato counterpart. They are also slightly easier to handle. Finally, yams’ almost nutty flavor makes the yam croquettes more appealing to my taste buds…. 

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Jamaican coco bread, moon-shaped and tasty

Coco bread

I was a bit surprised that the Jamaican coco bread recipe I tried did not call for coconut at all. I have since found recipes that have coconut milk as of the ingredients and you could easily substitute regular milk with coconut milk in the recipe below. I always find making bread a challenge:… 

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Not-perfectly round, yet delicious Shrimp Beignets



Growing up, Saturday nights were often “take out food dinners”. We were regular customers of  a little Vietnamese food shack in the neighborhoods on those nights. The little stand only offered a few choices, one of which was the nems- Vietnamese spring rolls. The other one was shrimp beignets. I have yet to have the exact same type of shrimp beignets somewhere else, therefore I set out to replicate them. After a long search, the only dish that is from Vietnam and consisted of a simple batter with shrimp in the middle… 

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