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Larb salad, or sophistication made easy

Name: Larb pork
Eaten in: Thailand
Category: Traditional

Whenever I had larb anything at at Thai restaurant, I wondered at how complicated it must be to make such a dish. It turns out I was completely wrong. What makes the larb is the combination of lime, mint, fish sauce … 

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Poulet roussi, Martinique-style super chicken stew

 Poulet roussi_final_logo_v2
Name: Poulet roussi
Eaten in: Martinique
Category: Traditional

This is a recipe that I will be making over and over again. It is stew-like, but on the light side and delightful in the mixture of flavors and textures. As the ingredients melt and cook together, they bind together to give the chicken a distinctive … 

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How I won the battle of Ablo

Name: Ablo
Eaten in: West Africa
Category: Traditional

I decided that I was going to make ablo, and ablo I was going to make. They are traditional corn and rice flour dumplings that are made and sold by women on street corners in Côte d’Ivoire. If you have a good ablo supplier… 

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