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Sweet banana and spice muffin

banana muffins copy

Bananas are so ubiquitous everywhere that it is hard to imagine that they are actually native to the tropics and that just like pineapple and mangoes grow best in warm climates. I have given a lot of attention to plantains and unintentionally neglected their smaller cousins…. 

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Did anyone say sweet banana beignets?

sweet banana fritters copy

2 out of 2. Two times I tried a new cooking technique in a recipe from Cameroun, two times I was highly skeptical and doubtful, and two times I was proven wrong in the tastiest way possible! (Thanks to my friend Astrid for telling me about this particular recipe!) So, do you remember the plantain fritters I made a few weeks ago? … 

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I present you your new favorite plantain dish

Plantain gratin

Have you ever had “gratin dauphinois”? This classic French dish is made of melt-in-your-mouth potatoes cooked in milk and then baked to perfection. Well, this plantain gratin recipe draws its inspiration from that dish. I substituted plantains for the potatoes, and an already made tomato sauce for the milk, crème fraîche and butter mix.  It was so easy to make … 

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