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Crunchy cassava balls with coconut – Gluten-free never tasted that great

Agbeli klaklo

I can go without wheat for days when eating dishes from the tropics, completely unintentionally so.  Can you imagine having a gluten-free diet without even trying? I used to eat those little cassava balls growing up. They were a street snack served with fresh coconut… 

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Cool like this easy lime and mint mocktail

lime and mint cooler copy

I first had this refreshing drink at a friend’s house a couple of years ago. She served a delicious lime and mint cooler, that was so tasty that I asked her for the recipe. I was surprised at how simple it was, but did not have the opportunity to try it until recently. I am not sure the drink I ended up making followed the exact same steps Smitha’s did,… 

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Plantain and ground beef fritters

plantain fritters copy

A few dishes associate plantains with some sort of protein, either on the side or on top of it, but none of these dishes are very portable. I was looking for a plantain dish that would have that portability which is how the idea for these fritters came about and yes, I can definitely picture them on an appetizer tray. … 

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