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Plantain fritters, beignets or Makala Ma missole

plantain fritters copy

How many plantain fritters recipes are there in the world? My guess is as many as there are tropical countries. This one is from Cameroun, and it may be my favorite one so far.

Have you ever read a recipe’s directions and then found yourself questioning the accuracy of the steps? That is the experience… 

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Black-eyed peas and plantains

Plantains and black beans_final

This recipe is really two dishes in one. Fried plantains on one hand and a flavorful shrimp and black-eyed peas stew on the other hand. As typically goes when I go on the hunt for new recipes, I wanted to use some of the ingredients I had at home, in this case: black-eyed peas, shrimps, tomato paste and plantains. And yes, … 

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Baked klaklo

Baked klaklo copy

I had three very ripe plantains in my fridge and they were on the verge of becoming unusable. Considering how versatile plantains are and everything you can do with them at every stage of ripeness, it would have been a real crime to let them go to waste. The issue was, I neither wanted to research a new recipe nor did I want to make my go-to recipe when I have overripe plantains, which is klaklo because I wasn’t in the mood to fry anything. What was a plantain aficionado to do? … 

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